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Spiritual and Environmental Preservation Practice

October 19, 2019 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

| Free

Faced with the stress of the modern crises we need to have a reliable way forward that we have confidence in. The Spiritual and Environmental Preservation Practice (SEPP) is one of these ways.


The modern crises being things like; climate change, social isolation, pollution, inequality, land degradation. At the same time, there are the viable ways of human living that are in place and in action right now. Things like; renewable energy, community building initiatives, the shift to reducing plastic usage, farm land regeneration. Millions of people, groups, businesses and government initiatives are putting these into practice. These viable human living initiatives are out of our sight and they need to grow. 


The SEPP takes on the challenge of this, unashamedly from a spiritual wellspring. It lays out the relationship between the spiritual and the environment. It is a spiritual practice with an environmental purpose and an environment practice with a spiritual purpose. The first of the eight ingredients of the SEPP is Setting Out on the path; setting our aspiration with a Vision, developing a Wisdom View of the crises and how we a dealing with it in our hearts and minds, and forming our intention into a Vow. The eight ingredients are supported by the reliability of the Dharma and are causes and conditions that give us the confidence to go forth to actualise viable human living and a healed planet. 


The Dharma has been taught by the Buddha and by Venerables over the centuries to this day. The SEPP aims to put the Dharma into practice in our everyday life to bring viable human living to fruition. 


In this 1 hour introductory workshop session for SEPP we will come to see how the Dharma teachings are relevant and applicable and provide us with a reliable way forward that we can have confidence in.



October 19, 2019
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


Metta Centre
7-9 Cross Street, #2
Bankstown, NSW 2200 Australia


Metta Centre