Generosity Not Obligation




Too many things in life are valued by the price tag attached to an item; experiences are measured by the entry fee; and relationships are forged based on what we can get from the other person.

Yet we all know that the best things in life are free, and the best forms of relationships are unconditional.


Why are our events free?


At the Metta Centre, we value above all the Buddha as our teacher, his teachings of the truth (the Dhamma), and his noble disciples who have walked the path that he has laid down (the Sangha). There is no price tag, fee or condition that comes close to the infinite value these Triple Gems have given to humanity over countless generations. Indeed the Dhamma is priceless, and as with the best things in life, it should be free.

We believe that the Dhamma can be practiced by all, regardless of your age, ethnicity, social status, or background. The Buddha taught commoners and royalty, women and men of all ages, monastics and lay practitioners. Therefore, money should not restrict someone from hearing or practicing the Dhamma.

Another principle of the Metta Centre is to use every opportunity to practice the Dhamma, including the practice of generosity. So instead of participants paying an entry fee to the events held at the Metta Centre out of obligation and reasoning the cost in their minds, they can donate with a heart filled with generosity and good wishes, knowing that their donation would help fund the continuation of the Centre as a place of practice for individual and social wellbeing.

After all, Metta Centre is built on the principle of metta, of unconditional love. It is a love that is gentle yet of great strength, of selfless giving without any “ifs” or “buts”, and of undiscriminating kindness to all beings to wish them to be well, at peace and to find true happiness.


White Label with Thank You and white Blossoms


We welcome your generosity to help us build out Centre. You may wish to support us by donating your time or your skills, or to help us spread the word about our Centre and upcoming events, or you may wish to provide financial support. You can find out more here:

Whatever and however you wish to support us, we thank you for building our Centre and at the same time building your wholesome qualities within you. We wish you every success in your spiritual path so you may find true happiness and everlasting peace.

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