What Does Metta Mean?

The word Metta is derived from an ancient Indian language, and means unconditional love and loving-kindness. By holding Metta in our hearts, every interaction we have with others, with ourselves, and with our life can be filled with care,  understanding, and trust. This love that has no bounds. This love liberates us from the smallness that comes from self-centredness. This love opens our hearts to accept without judgment everyone, including ourselves.

This great love is at the centre of our Centre, and hence we have named this place the Metta Centre.

The Brahma Viharas

The Buddha taught four immeasurable qualities called the “Brahma Viharas” or translated as ‘the Heavenly Abodes”.

Within the Metta Centre, we have named each of our rooms after each Brahma Vihara, welcoming the qualities of the Heavenly Abodes at our Centre.