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The Buddhist Detox Retreat 2024 – A Mind Lab Event

July 5 @ 5:00 pm - July 7 @ 5:00 pm

When: 5 – 7 July 2024 (2 nights stay)

Teachers: Ven. Dr. Mahinda Thero and Ven. Bakkula Thero

Location: Karuna Sanctuary Retreat Centre, Katoomba

Cost: by Donation


Registration: https://forms.gle/ZNkcvf7zeMZ3x4CLA (not via Eventbrite)


Suffering, it’s a concept we’re all familiar with, we experience every day and may have even come to accept as a natural part of life. It’s important to note that though we may read about ‘suffering’ as mentioned in Buddhist textbooks, there’s a more profound meaning to it, a concept to be understood. Because in actual fact, the suffering we experience is based entirely in the ignorance of the mind. This is good news! It means that we have an answer, a solution, a one-way ticket to freedom from the suffering that holds us down. True happiness is out there, provided we’re willing to search for it.


The first step to this happiness is the first step on the Noble Eightfold Path: ‘Right View’. Right View is all about trying to reach within yourself to solve your surface level problems at their core rather, ignorance. Join as we begin this transformative journey together and take our first steps towards achieving the Right View. There’s no need for past experiences or knowledge of Buddhist teachings. We’re all starting fresh, detoxing our mind by showing it the right view. So as long as you’ve got an open mind and the will to keep pushing on towards freeing yourself from suffering, you’re welcome to join us as we take our first steps towards a happier life. 

Join us on this special residential retreat organised by Metta Centre and Ministry of Nirvana at the Karuna Sanctuary, Katoomba. It will include enlightening dhamma sermons, interactive discussions and activities, Q & A sessions, guided meditation, outdoor activities, campfire and more. 

Friday 5th July – Arrival and registration 6pm – 7pm. 

                            Introduction and orientation – 7pm (Light supper will be served)

Program commences 7am Saturday 6th July and ends at 4.30pm on Sunday 7th July.

To ensure a comfortable stay, spaces are limited, and bookings are essential. Please ensure you book to save your spot, and if you later cannot attend, please let us know as soon as possible so your spot is offered to someone else. 

About the location: The Karuna Sanctuary is located on 374 acres of woodland and is home to kangaroo families, and native birds such as Wattle birds and Kookaburras. The Karuna Sanctuary boasts many scenic bush walking tracks, comfortable amenities, spacious dormitory-style rooms and individual cabins. All in all, the Karuna Sanctuary is the perfect place to immerse yourself in Dhamma.


Get a glimpse of our Buddhist Detox Retreat 2023 and what’s coming for the 2024 Buddhist Detox Retreat!



To book, please use the following link for registration: 


Please note that if you book via Eventbrite that does not secure your registration.


For further information please contact: 0425173612 or info@ministryofnirvana.org.au


About the Speakers

Ven. Dr Athurugirye Mahinda Thero

Ven. Mahinda Thero believes the foundation of a fulfilling life is comprehending the fundamental truth about the inner workings of one’s mind. It was this curiosity and no small amount of good fortune that led both him and his then-wife to leave behind his lay life in Australia where he was working as a research scientist in the Australian National University after completing his PhD. To discover the authentic teachings of the Buddha, to follow in the footsteps of a teacher who showed them the true purpose of their life and the path that would lead them to Enlightenment, Ven. Mahinda Thero decided to take the life-changing decision of leaving behind an indulgent lifestyle of worldly comforts, career successes and marriage and set off on a journey to achieve unconditional happiness.

On his journey as a higher-ordained monk, he has helped many thousands of individuals overcome life challenges, such as stress, anxiety, depression, relationship problems, addictions and more. Ven. Mahinda Thero is a pro bono consultant for Vimukthi Foundation, a registered NGO established in Sri Lanka, which operates several social service programmes such as a rehabilitation centre, an orphanage, and a youth academy. Whilst practising the noble path to reach his ultimate goal of unshakeable happiness, as someone who has delivered many talks on related topics to numerous audiences internationally, he is renowned for dedicating his time and energy to spreading compassion and kindness to all who seek his guidance. 

Ven. Rathmalane Bakkula Thero

Ven. Bakkula Thero spent most of his formative years in England after his family moved there while he was a teenager to provide him and his sister with the best prospects. Eventually, he achieved his childhood dream of becoming an engineer while leading a busy but balanced life that involved playing semi-professional cricket and pursuing a successful career in technology. 


Coming from a Buddhist background and inspired by his intuition, Ven. Bakkula Thero was interested in understanding the metaphysical aspects of Buddhist philosophy which plays a significant role in shaping a rewarding and fulfilling life. One day, while stumbling upon a Buddhist sermon, he realised that he had found the universal truth that could heal the world. He did not hesitate to leave behind his life of luxury and return to Sri Lanka, his motherland, to find a teacher who could eventually help him achieve a profound sense of inner peace and serenity.


Presently, he is actively disseminating the Buddha’s teachings in English and Sinhala languages to people worldwide. He believes every human deserves to know the truth and live their life to the fullest. His life’s mission is to work for the betterment of humanity and to inspire, motivate and guide those who wish to join him in his purpose as he deeply resonates with the saying “We rise by lifting others”.



Karuna Sanctuary Retreat Centre, Katoomba
5 Saywell Road
Katoomba, NSW 2780 Australia
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