Forgiveness for Everyone: a meditation course with Jeff Oliver

Forgiveness is an important spiritual practice; an act of generosity to others and oneself; an act of letting go of the past so as to open up to the here and now. As Jeff Oliver says, “Many people think they need meditation but what they really need is self forgiveness!”

This meditation course explored forgiveness through guided meditation and relaxation, followed by an overview of the technique of forgiveness.

The course was led by Jeff Oliver, who authored “Forgiveness for Everyone”. This is Jeff’s second book, which lays out a practical guide for practising forgiveness with a foundation of mindfulness and wisdom. You can access this ebook free of charge here.

Jeff grew up at Shelly Beach, Australia, and trained as a Buddhist monk for 9 years in Burma. Throughout that time, he learnt many great qualities of the heart, of which forgiveness is one of the most important. Jeff has been teaching meditation for over 20 years and he found that forgiveness is perhaps the greatest foundation and preparation for meditation and for being a great person, living in peace and harmony and with a loving heart.