Simplicity & Surrender: an evening of practice with Noon Baldwin, co-founder of Ekuthuleni Retreat Place in France

“Ekuthuleni” is an African term meaning “Place of peace”. The quality of this peace is a cleared, warm quality of quietness. In that place of peace, one can value – and practice – simplicity and surrender.

Noon Baldwin is co-founder of the Ekuthuleni Retreat Place in France. The Ekuthuleni Retreat Place runs meditation and eco retreats in the foothills of the French Pyrenees, led by Noon and other Buddhist teachers. To find out more about the retreat centre visit: retreats

Noon was born in Africa, Zambia, and grew up there, also in Penge, (south London), then France. She spent a lot of time as a child in the bush (and later France) in the hills, touching into connection with nature. With a wish to engage in the world more, Noon‘s early adult  life was an active one: as an international street performer, circus artist and teacher living in troupes and on the road. She often worked questioning social norms, teaching marginalised groups, bringing, through circus, body awareness, trust and reconnection. At 35, still a gypsy, Noon allowed her love of Dharma to come through, practicing and serving in Dharma centres for 12 years  in which the last five include offering guidance at both the Dharmagiri hermitage and Ekuthuleni.