The four faces of love: A meditation workshop with Ayya Aranya Devi

The Buddha taught meditations on love, compassion, joy and equanimity. They are called the four immeasurable minds, because our capacity for love and transformation is unlimited, measureless, vast.

We begin with kindness and acceptance for ourselves and find that this gently opens our hearts to include the whole world. We discover that we can be confident actually, because there is space for every kind of experience in our hearts.

Only the second part of this talk is available in this recording

About the teacher
Ayya Aranya Devi began practicing meditation in 1995. She was ordained in the Burmese Pa auk tradition in 2010, and she spent 2 & 1/2 years on retreat in Tusita monastery, a Pa auk branch from Malaysia. She has also studied with Bhante Sujato, does some odd jobs for and has been an itinerant nun for the last 3 years. She likes finding ways to teach people how to find their true heart in meditation, since this leads to joy and to peace.