The Push and Pull of Samsara | Phra Woody

Every day, every moment, every interaction that we have with ourselves and the world around us, could generate feelings of pleasure or pain in us. With feelings of pleasure, desire and craving may arise in us, as we pull those things that create pleasure towards us. With feelings of displeasure, aversion may arise in us, as we push those things that create displeasure away from us. This talks will help us use the Buddha’s teaching to we get out of this endless push and pull game.

Phra Ajahn Vuttichai Vutthiyano, who prefers to be simply called Phra Woody, has been a monk for over 21 years. Although native to Thailand, he has lived in America for over 11 years and frequently travels internationally to teach in Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, and India. Phra Woody founded the Oregon Ariyamagga Okasati Refuge (“OAOR”), a Theravadian Buddhist Hermitage and retreat centre in the Thai Forest tradition under the lineage of Phra Ajahn Jamnian Seelasettho, a well-known meditation master.  Following the tradition of his teacher Phra Woody teaches in an informal style that is filled with humour, joy, and skilfulness.

We have recordings from the second half of the daylong workshop