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Rubber Duck Debugging the Mind

August 31, 2022 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

| Free

Rubber Duck Debugging the Mind: The Vipallasa; distortions of views, perceptions and thoughts

Presenter: Venerable Vimala

Facilitator: Tina Ng

Wed 31 August | 7-8.30pm

Location: In person at Metta Centre (Bankstown) or Online (Zoom link below)

Cost: By donation


Do you sometimes feel that your mind is going around in circles? There is a record playing in your head over and over again and no matter what you try, you cannot find how to disable the “repeat” button? That’s when it is time to do some Rubber Duck Debugging of your mind.

The Buddha’s teachings provide us with the tools to help us get unstuck, to see the deeper patterns behind our thinking and to use wisdom to let go. In this talk and guided meditation Ven. Vimala will discuss the Buddhist Vipallasa, the distortions of the mind to show you how the thinking pattern evolves and what it’s function is. When we learn to see things in a different way, it can make all the difference and get us out of that stuck place.


About the Presenter:

Venerable Vimala is a non-binary monastic who was born in the Netherlands in 1967. They studied Geophysics and MBA before changing course to become a Buddhist monastic. From an early age they were interested in meditation, but did not come in contact with the Buddhist teachings until 2001. After spending some time practising in the Goenka tradition, the wish to ordain arose. They took temporary ordination in The Pyu Tawye Monastery in Burma in 2008, where they became aware of the gender-inequality within the traditional Buddhist countries. After also meeting with several fully ordained nuns and with Ajahn Brahm, they became interested in full ordination in order to help support the Bhikkhunī lineage and pave the way for women to take up full ordination, just like the men had always been able to.

After spending time in monasteries in Germany and Australia, they finally took higher ordination as a Bhikkhunī in Los Angeles in 2016 with Ayya Gunasārī from Mahapajapati Monastery as their preceptor. In Australia, they also met Bhante Sujato, one of the main driving forces behind full ordination for women. Ven. Vimala joined the SuttaCentral.net team in 2013 and over the years added many Sutta translations and parallels to the site. Inspired by Bhante Sujato’s work, they wrote several articles on the challenges and discrimination faced by women and LGBTIQA+ in Buddhist establishments.

They are one of the founding members of Samita ASBL, a foundation with the goal to start a monastery in Europe, and of Tilorien Monastery, a monastic community based on Early Buddhist teachings. Tilorien Monastery was set up with the goal to provide a place of practice for Bhikkhunīs and other female monastics, whilst also supporting LGBTIQA+ people and other underrepresented groups to develop in the Dhamma. They are also one of the main developers of BuddhaNexus.net at the Numata Center for Buddhist Studies at the University of Hamburg.


Hybrid event: Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in an interactive session with the speaker, with the discussions facilitated by Tina Ng in person at the Metta Centre (Bankstown). As we invite speakers from all around the world and Sydney, our speaker for this event will be joining us by video. You are welcome to join the session in person at the Metta Centre or online by clicking on this link to access the session: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83506489824?pwd=cmpNQ1ljSmFVYURLWVN1dWllYUN1dz09 Alternatively, you can dial in from your telephone (call charges apply): +61 2 8015 6011 } Meeting ID: 835 0648 9824| Passcode: 718905


August 31, 2022
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm