Join us for this rare opportunity to attend a Vipassana retreat with Ajahn Jamnian, a living Dhamma master from the Thai Buddhist Tradition. Ajahn Jamnian has been travelling the world teaching Vipassana practice for over 20 years and will share his wisdom over 50 years of the middle way practice in a beautiful forest set out environment.
Santi Forest Monastery – 100 Coalmines Rd, Bundanoon NSW 2578

Access by Car & Train (with Pickup available at Bundanoon train station upon arrangement)
Live-in retreat style. Food and accommodation near Santi FM is included.

6 day: 25 – 30 May

Just to cover accommodation, food and expenses.

 Application closes Sunday 14 May 2017.

Limited space of 30 people is available.

To apply, fill up the online application form (take about 10 minutes).

About the teacher

Ajahn Jamnian (also spelled Ajahn Jumnien, Ajahn Jumnian, or Ajahn Jumean) is a Theravada Thai Buddhist monk and Dhamma teacher in the Thai Forest Tradition. Ajahn Jamnian teaches in a unique style teaching drawing directly from the Suttas (the teachings of the Buddha) and giving practical examples from his personal experience. He  teaches with a spirit of joy, laughter, and lightness of heart by a Buddhist meditation master.

About the Retreat

This retreat suits both beginners and advanced practitioners. This is not a silent retreat with intensive sitting meditation but you will be cultivating wisdom through listening to Luang Por Jamnian’s teachings. Luang Por Jamnian employs various traditional and non-traditional Vipassana techniques, all of which point back to seeing the changing, unsatisfactory, and impersonal nature of all that arises. The formal practice will emphasise standing and walking meditation as being especially conducive to cultivating insights rather than mental stillness. There will also be personal interview sessions.

Read more about what his students have described his teaching style, click here:

Santi Forest Monastery

Other retreat details

The retreat venue

Santi Forest Monastery is a Buddhist Nuns’ Monastery. It is set in the rugged bush ravines of the Southern Highlands of New South Wales and is adjacent to the stunning Morton National Park.

The lodging

Most of the retreatants will be staying at Bundanoon Motel at night while travel to and stay at Santi FM during the day time. The benefit of staying at Bundanoon motel is the warmth and comfort of the motel while staying at the monastery will give you a real retreat experience.

How to get there:

By car via motorways or freeways

It takes about 2-hour drive from Sydney or Canberra. 

By train

One of the best choices of transport is by a scenic train called NSW TrainLink. There will be a train that arrive at Bundanoon station at 9.05 AM of the start date and leave Bundanoon station at 19.35 PM of the last day. The train took about 2 hours. Click here to book the recommended train tickets.

What to expect

Here are some of his past retreat attendees share their experiences about Ajahn Jamiens retreat.

A Changed Life on the Path

(English/ภาษาไทย):    It is difficult to put into words how much Luang Por Jamnian’s wise instruction has changed my practice and my life. I have been practicing meditation since my […]

Seeds of Dhamma

(English/ภาษาไทย)   In 1997, I retreated to Tam Talay Hoy Temple in Krabi province for the Buddhist Lent. During that Phansa (three lunar months during the rainy season), I determinedly […]

Ajahn Jamnian’s past retreat photos

Over the past twenty years Luang Por Jamnian has tirelessly taught in Thailand, the United States, Europe, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore, and India. Here are a few photos where he […]

How to apply for the retreat

Please complete the online application form first.
To make a payment for the retreat, you can do this through bank transfer or pay by credit card (3% surcharge applied). The payment details is inside the form.